Aftercare / Stuff You Should Know

It’s time to wake up beautiful….your lashes are with you always! Each extension is applied one by one to your own natural lashes using a medical grade adhesive. This provides a wonderfully natural, bold look. Type of lash (silk, synthetic, cruelty free mink), length, curl, and thickness of lash is all customized and up to you.

These beauties will likely be your new best friends, but there are several important factors that could literally make or break your lash experience. In order for you and your lashes to enjoy longevity, you must, must, must! understand and comply with the following appointment prep and aftercare instructions…..


Before your Appointment-

  • Arrive with clean eyes! Mascara residue, sleep and face oil are very stubborn. They build up between your lashes and cannot be fully removed with eye wipes. For proper cleaning, your lashes require thorough application of a mild cleanser and complete submersion in water to ensure removal of all oil or makeup residue. This removal process is not safe for us to thuroughly  preform on and for you while you are lying on your back on our table. Therefore, for your own safety and to ensure longevity for your extensions you must arrive with clean eyes. You are welcome wash your eyes in our bathroom upon arrival. If your lashes are not clean we can not ensure the extensions will last as makeup residue and oil on your lashes will not allow the adhesive to fully bond to the lash. Wash your eyes!
  • 24 hrs no showers. Your new lashes will not be able to get wet AT ALL for at least 24 hours after application. This includes steam from the bathtub, rinsing off in the shower, working out (big no no during the first 24) and cooking over a pot of boiling/steaming water. It is recommended that you shower before your appointment as preparation.
  • Please no caffeine before your appointment to avoid eye fluttering.

After Care-

  • First 24 hours, no moisture. During the first 24 hours after application, your lashes will not be able to get wet. This includes steam from the bathtub, rinsing off in the shower, cooking over a pot of boiling/steaming water and working out.
  • Wash your face! Sometimes people love their lashes so much, they don’t want to touch them at all for fear of messing them up. The truth is oil from your skin, eye makeup and sleep build up on your lashes and will cause loss if not properly washed off. Even more importantly, lash extensions increase the surface area available for bacteria build up around your eyes and not washing can lead to irritation or infection. Every day, simply wash your eyes/lashes with a mild oil free cleanser, gently working it through with your fingers and rinsing with water. They’ll last much nicer!
  •  All products, oil free. Oil breaks up the integrity of the lash adhesive and causes the extensions to peel fall off. To enjoy lash extensions you must use only oil free products on/near your eyes. Check your cleanser, face creams, eye makeup sunscreen, makeup remover, ext.
  • Sleep on your back. Especially during the first 24 hours! The lashes will be bonding during that time, so if you accidentally sleep on your face smooshing them to the left or right you might wake up with the lashes bonded that way. After 24 hours the are a little more resilient, but the extensions still run the risk of being damaged if they are rubbed hard and sleeping on you face breaks down collagen in your skin so you might’s well try for your back!
  • Swimming and working out. Rinse your lashes with tap water or give them a gentle washing after you swim, tear up or work out. Salt is a solvent which can weaken the adhesive as will oil.

These extensions require little to no day to day upkeep and will shed as your natural lashes do. Every 2-3 weeks, we naturally shed 25%-35-% of our natural lashes and have new growth in it’s place. To keep your lashes full, short touch up appointments are necessary every 2-4 weeks. Touch ups are not available after 4 weeks.



When booking: read your confirmation email! It contains important information regarding your appointment! Also double check the time and date you booked. If you have not received a confirmation email, check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, please shoot us an email as your appointment may not have been properly booked.